Domenico Di Pace Beccafumi - دایره المعارف هنرهای زیبا - هنرمند، نقاش Domenico Di Pace Beccafumi

سبک: Mannerism;

محل: Montaperti

بدنیا آمدن: 1486

مرگ: 1551


Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 – May 18, 1551) was an Italian Renaissance-Mannerist painter active predominantly in Siena. He is considered one of the last undiluted representatives of the Sienese school of painting. Domenico was born in Montaperti, near Siena, the son of Giacomo di Pace, a peasant who worked on the estate of Lorenzo Beccafumi. S...

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