Paul Gauguin - دایره المعارف هنرهای زیبا - هنرمند، نقاش Paul Gauguin

سبک: Post-Impressionism; Cloisonnism;

محل: Paris

بدنیا آمدن: 1848

مرگ: 1903

ملیت: France


Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (/ɡoʊˈɡæn/ French: [øʒɛn ɑ̃ʁi pɔl ɡoɡɛ̃] 7 June 1848 – 8 May 1903) was a French post-Impressionist artist. Underappreciated until after his death, Gauguin is now recognized for his experimental use of color and Synthetist style that were distinctly different from Impressionism. His work was influential to the French avant-...

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