Gustav Klimt - Bách khoa toàn thư về mỹ thuật - Nghệ sĩ, họa sĩ Gustav Klimt

Phong cách: Art Nouveau;Symbolism;Realism;Neo-Classicism;Romanticism

Địa điểm: Baumgarten

Sinh ra: 1862

Cái chết: 1918

Quốc tịch: Austria

Tiểu sử:

Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862- February 6, 1918) was an Austrian Symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. His major works include paintings, murals, sketches, and other art objects. Klimt's primary subject was the female body, and his works are marked by a frank eroticism-nowhere is this more apparent ...