The Menaced Assassin – (Rene Magritte) Trước Kế tiếp

Nghệ sĩ:

Phong cách: Surrealism

chủ đề: Men;Music;Nudes;Woman

ngày: 1927

kích thước: 150 x 195 cm

viện bảo tàng: Museum of Modern Art (New York, United States)

Kỹ thuật: Oil On Canvas

The Menaced Assassin (French: L'Assassin menacé) is a 1927 oil on canvas painting by Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte. The main subject of the painting, a blood-smeared nude woman, is seen lying on a couch. The assassin of the painting's title, a well-dressed man, stands ready to leave, his coat and hat on a chair next to his bag. He is however delayed by the sound of music, and in an unhurriedly relaxed manner, listens to a gramophone. In the meantime, two men armed with club and net wait in the foyer to ensnare him, whilst three more men also watch from over the balcony.

Nghệ sĩ

Rene Magritte

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