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Style: Post-Impressionism

Topic: France Bridges Canals And Bridges

Date: 1888

Vincent van Gogh approached his 1888 painting, Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing, with the Japanese aesthetic he so admired. Van Gogh thought of Arles as a French counterpart to the world he saw in the Japanese prints: clear air, blossoming trees, and the local people purposefully working in harmony with nature. He longed to see "nature under a brighter sky" to better understand what inspired the artists in Japan. He approached the subject of the Langlois Bridge mindful of the Japanese example, employing clear color and emphasizing the linear patterns of the bridge structure against the sky. Vincent van Gogh sought to capture Arles trees in full bloom before the change of seasons. Observe the fresh, bright colors in The White Orchard in the next section.

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