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Style: Impressionism

Topic: Saints Europe

Date: 1877

Museum: Musée Marmottan Monet (Paris, France)

This impressionistic masterpiece was described in the Third Impressionist Exhibition by the magazine L'homme libre" as: "a true wonder. Monet's paintbrush has represented not only the movement, the color and the activity, but also the rejoicing. It's unforgettable. The station, of course, is full of noise -screeches, whistles- audible through the confusion of the clouds of grey and blue smoke. It's a pictorial symphony". So the rail stations were also an important part of the impressionist iconography. And among all of them, the Saint Lazare Station (Gare de Saint-Lazare) condensed in itself all the characteristic elements of the modern Paris : an active and busy station, surrounded by majestic boulevards and maisons , with the ultra-modern Pont de L'Europe, a new paradigm of the steel Architecture. Symbol of the industrial and republican future, microcosms of steel and iron, the station was a motif for some of the best painters of the age.

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