Joan Miro - موسوعة الفنون الجميلة - الفنان، الرسام

نمط: Abstract Art; Abstract Expressionism; Suprematism; Surrealism; Cubism; Fauvism; Modernism; Naive Art / Primitivism; Realism;

مكان: Barcelona

مولود: 1893

الموت: 1937

سيرة ذاتية:

Joan Miró i Ferrà (Catalan: [ʒuˈam miˈɾo j fəˈra] 20 April 1893 – 25 December 1983) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona. A museum dedicated to his work, the Fundació Joan Miró, was established in his native city of Barcelona in 1975, and another, the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, was established in his adoptive city of P...

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