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Style: Pointillism

Topic: Fruits

Date: 1888

Museum: Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, United States)

Of the individual touches of bright pigment on the canvas in "Apple Picking at Éragny-sur-Epte", few are completely round: the uniform-sized touches of colour are the shape of small brushes, tiny rectangular blocks which build up to form a dense mosaic on the surface of the picture; and as in Seurat's painting, the brushmarks vary in direction, following form and indicating changes of plane. The tree trunk in "Apple Picking at Éragny-sur-Epte" is executed with long vertical strokes of colour. in contrast to the criss-cross hatching of the grass. On Pissarro's figures, direction of touch, curved to follow the form, gives substance to his figures and helps to separate them out from the background. The painting is owned by the Dallas Museum of Art.

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