Canto VII – (Barnett Newman) предишен Следващия


стил: Color Field

Дата: 1963

Размер: 37 x 32 cm

Техника: Lithography

"In addition to paintings, Newman also created etchings and lithographs, such as the series 18 Cantos (1963-64). The Cantos are his only print series executed in color, and Newman spoke of them using musical analogies: ""their symphonic mass lends additional clarity to each individual canto,"" he wrote in an introduction to the series, ""and at the same time, each canto adds its song to the full chorus."" In 18 Cantos, Newman employs a wide, off-set band, a variation on the thinner zips, and allows the colors to bleed out into the margins, testing the idea of spatial boundaries. He has written that each canto has its own ""personal margins."" "


Barnett Newman


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