The Charlatan – (Pietro Longhi) предишен Следващия


стил: Rococo

Теми: Arts Masks

Дата: 1757

Размер: 62 x 50 cm

Техника: Oil On Canvas

Although she exhibited at the Impressionist Salon, Cassatt’s works encompassed many styles, and she frequently innovated new techniques for her paintings. In The Child’s Bath, we can see her influence from Japanese wood block prints. At the time she created this painting, the high vantage point, tight cropping of the forms, and bold outline were all unconventional artistic devices. Cassatt was able to avid an over-sentimental portrayal of this intimate scene by using the aforementioned techniques, diving us a glimpse into the bath without dripping with sweet sentimentality. Cassatt was also influenced to use this Japanese wood block technique by the works of Edgar Degas, who created many similar works.

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Pietro Longhi


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Pietro Longhi – Най-гледани Произведения

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