The meaning of night – (Rene Magritte) Προηγούμενος Επόμενος


Στυλ: Surrealism

θέματα: Men Night

ημερομηνία: 1927

μέγεθος: 139 x 105 cm

μουσείο: The Menil Collection (Houston, United States)

Τεχνική: Oil On Canvas

The Meaning of Night is a painting by Rene Magritte to represent the fear of night in human being. Rene Magritte painted this artwork in 1927 by use of Surrealism Style. It is painted by use Technique oil on canvas with Dimensions 139 cm by 105 cm and is housed at Menil Collection, Houston.
The Meaning of Night represents a story of individual who is followed by his own shadow where he see the soul of other. The story line revolves to display the fear of darkness of night in humans. It represents the feeling of fear in human from his own shadow that stays always with you. Rene has tried to give a message to stand against own's fear by this painting..



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