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Style: Abstract Art;Abstract Expressionism

Topic: Abstracted

Date: 1948

Size: 244 x 122 cm

Technique: Oil On Faberboard

This painting was created on an eight by four feet fiberboard. The style that Jackson Pollock used for this art work was the use of liquid paints. He decided to move away from the traditional style of using paints on canvas. No. 5 can be seen with huge amounts of yellow and brown paint drizzled on it. Pollock was inspired to create this painting out of his own emotions. He deviated from the traditional use of liquid paints. No. 5 brought a whole new influence to abstract expressionism. He was able to advance the Abstract Expressionistic movement by giving this piece a number instead of a name. He was able to bring a new effect to viewers of his art work as well. He wanted people to focus on the painting and feel what it brought to them. No. 5 is considered to be a valuable piece in the world and brought Pollock to the ranks of America’s greatest artists.



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