The Magician – (Rene Magritte) قبلی بعد


سبک: Surrealism

موضوعات: Magic

تاریخ: 1952

اندازه: 34 x 45 cm

تکنیک: Oil

Like Magritte said: “Anyone crazy about movement or its opposite will not enjoy this picture.” I agree with Magritte because this painting is simultaneously static and generates a lot of movement. It looks static because Magritte seems to be frozen: the way he’s chewing, cutting the meat and poring the wine all seem like frozen actions. Despite this, having four arms and hands doing something at the same time inevitably creates movement. Magritte created a masterpiece with very fragile balance. It’s hard to explain this “static-movement” because we only see it on a painting, as a picture. We have then try to imagine how this would look in real life, we have to imagine as if a person was eating with four hands in front of us.


Rene Magritte


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