The Dance of Life – (Edvard Munch) Előző Következő


Stílus: Expressionism

témák: Life Music Entertainment

találka: 1899

méret: 49 x 75 cm

múzeum: National Gallery (Oslo, Norway)

The painting uses mostly calm colors, aside from the giant pink I and the bright orange dress. The human shapes seem to be very curvy and there isn't much use of any jagged line. The piece seems really smooth. The Design- It seems like with the use of the cool colors the piece starts out very happy on the left side of the painting. The white dress really emphasizes that. Then once you look across the painting it kind of gives a feeling of a timeline and what happens durning life and how chaotic it can be. Then finally at the far right side of the painting it gets really somber and sad with the black dress empahsizing that.

This artwork is in the public domain.



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