Hector and Andromache – (Giorgio De Chirico) Sebelumnya Berikutnya


Gaya: Cubism

topik: Love

tanggal: 1917

ukuran: 90 x 60 cm

museum: Central Square (New York, United States)

Teknik: Oil;Oil On Canvas

Giorgio De Chirico painted a surrealist and partially cubist oil painting entitled 'Hector and Andromache' between 1917. The artist was inspired by those two art movements while he lived in Italy and Europe at the time. This painting was product of both cubist and surrealist schools of thought over how art should be presented. Surrealism drew heavily on dream-like objects, geometry and simple structures. Cubism supported heavy usage of representational imagery with heavy appearances of geometric and slanted perspectives


Giorgio De Chirico


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