Pin-up – (Richard Hamilton) Sebelumnya Berikutnya


Gaya: Pop Art

topik: Woman Women

tanggal: 1961

ukuran: 136 x 95 cm

museum: The Museum of Modern Art (New York, United States)

Teknik: Collage

One of the founders of Pop art in Britain, Hamilton took his theme for this work directly from popular culture, using pictures from Playboy and other men’s magazines as his sources. While the work references these ubiquitous photographs of sex symbols, it is also a modern treatment of a conventional subject of painting—the odalisque, or reclining nude. Hamilton approaches this tradition through a variety of pictorial modes: the hair is a stylized cartoon, the breasts appear both in drawing and in three-dimensional relief, and the bra is a photograph applied as a collage. "Mixing idioms," Hamilton has said, "is virtually a doctrine in Pin-up."


Richard Hamilton


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