Ognissanti Polyptych: lateral panel (9) – (Giovanni Da Milano) ankstesnis Kitas


Dydis: 133 x 41 cm

Muziejus: Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy)

technika: Tempera

"This extraordinary panel is widely admired for its brilliant colours, curious iconography, and mystical vitality At the left, God the Father, supported by 12 blue cherubim, flies downward, pointing with his right hand at a circular ""mappamondo"", which fills the lower half of the scene. The representation of earth is surrounded by concentric circles, including a green ring (for water), a blue ring (for air), a red ring (for fire), the circles of the seven planets, and the circle of the Zodiac. On the right, in a separate scene set in a meadow filled with flowers, Adam and Eve walk to the right against a line of seven trees with golden fruit. Their heads turn back toward a naked angel, who expels them from Paradise. Below them spring the four rivers of Paradise, which extend to the base of the picture.This panel is a fragment from the predella of an altarpiece painted for the church of San Domenico in Siena and now in the Uffizi in Florence. Another panel from the same predella is also in the Museum's collection. The influence of the International Gothic style, especially French miniature painting, can be seen in the figures of the angel, Adam, and Eve, and in the details of flora and fauna.Suggested listening (streaming mp3, 12 minutes):Joseph Haydn: The Creation, introduction and aria"

This artwork is in the public domain.


Giovanni Da Milano


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Giovanni Da Milano – Labiausiai žiūrimi kūriniai

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