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Style: Art Nouveau

Topic: Life Symbols Forests

Date: 1909

Museum: Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna, Austria)

The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze (French: L'Arbre de Vie, Stoclet Frieze) is a painting by an Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. It was completed in 1909 and is based on Art Nouveau (Modern) style by use of symbolic painting genre. The dimensions of the painting is 195 by 102 centimeters and is housed at Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. It is a series of three mosaics created by Klimt for a 1905-1911 commission for the Palais Stoclet in Brussells. It was created by Klimt in his Late works period which depict swirling Trees of life, a standing female figure and an embracing couple. The mosaics are spread across three walls of the Palais' dining room along with two figural sections set opposite each other.

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