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Style: Color Field

Date: 1960

Technique: Oil On Canvas

"Third Station is part of Newman's major fourteen-piece series, The Stations of the Cross: Lema Sabachthani (1958-66). The title refers to Christ's cry on the cross, yet he also intended to evoke the cries of humanity throughout history. The series is characterized by a stark palette of black, white, and raw canvas - Newman wanted the unpainted canvas to become its own color - and the picture expands the artist's use of the zip, with some appearing starkly straight and others seeming feathered and about to explode. The series took eight years to complete because, as Newman said, he could never plan a picture: ""I could not do them all at once, automatically, one after the other.. When there was a spontaneous urge to do [each of the paintings] is when I did them."" "


Barnett Newman


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