The Pillars of Society – (George Grosz) Tidligere næste


Stil: Dadaism

emner: Symbols

dato: 1926

størrelse: 108 x 200 cm

museum: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Teknik: Oil On Canvas

It is a deeply sarcastic portrait of the German elite classes who supported Fascism. Like many of his paintings of this era it satirized what he believed was the corrupt and bourgeois society of Germany. In this painting Grosz uses his skills as a caricaturist to produce vivid, grotesque, nightmarish, portrayals of those who controlled society. Businessmen, clergy and generals, are all portrayed not as the polished, fine, refined gentlemen of Academy art, but as vicious, selfish, and uncaring individuals. Grosz was a leading figure of the Neue Sachlikeit (New Objectivity) Movement which reflected the resignation and cynicism of the post-war period and it used violent satire to depict the face of evil.


George Grosz


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