Cain or Hitler in Hell – (George Grosz) Poprzedni Następny


Styl: Verism

Tematy: Famous People Symbols Hell

Data: 1944

Rozmiar: 99 x 124 cm

Muzeum: David Nolan (New York, United States)

Technika: Oil On Canvas

Grosz packed up his righteous indignation and fled Nazi Germany in 1932 for the shores of America, where he became a United States citizen in 1938. Grosz’ Cain, or Hitler in Hell (above) from 1944 places the dictator in the devil’s den, surrounded by the skeletal dead at his feet and clearly feeling the infernal, eternal heat. Despite the gruesome nature of his works, Grosz always sided with the angels, focusing his aim squarely on hypocrisy and evil and hoping to make the world more beautiful through the ugliness of his art.


George Grosz


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