1024 Colours – (Gerhard Richter) ก่อน ต่อไป


สไตล์: Conceptual Art

วันที่: 1973

ขนาด: 299 x 299 cm

เทคนิค: Oil On Canvas

"Richter employs a systematic approach to the canvas in his color-chart-based painting 1024 Farben (1024 Colours). Superficially reminiscent of the neo-Dadaist, 1950s ""Hard Edge"" abstraction of Ellsworth Kelly, Richter chooses here to systematically paint squares of colors based on the predetermined structure of the color wheel. The only intervention of the artist in an otherwise mechanical process seems to be his control of the scale of the canvas itself, the artist's having arranged the color combinations via reference to an apparently logical, predetermined schema."


Gerhard Richter



Gerhard Richter – งานศิลปะเข้าชมมากที่สุด