Portrait of Isaak Abrahamsz. Massa – (Frans Hals) Önceki Sonraki


stil: Dutch Golden Age

Konular: Men Portraits

teknik: Oil

Portrait of Isaak Abrahamsz. Massa is a 1626 painting by Frans Hals that is currently in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario. It depicts Isaac Massa, a prosperous merchant and a close friend of Hals. Massa was the subject of an earlier work by Hals – Isaak Abrahamsz Massa and Beatrix van der Lean – which also featured his wife. Massa would commission another portrait by Hals in 1635. The painting is inscribed with the date 1626, but there is no mention of the identity of the sitter. For many years this led to debate, and it was often assumed to be a self portrait. Wilhelm Valentiner was a noted proponent of this theory. Other scholars, such as Numa S. Trivas, did advance the idea that it was a portrait of Massa, and this was confirmed by the discovery of an inscription on a 17th-century engraving.

This artwork is in the public domain.



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