Two women running on the beach (The race) – (Pablo Picasso) Trước Kế tiếp

Nghệ sĩ:

Phong cách: Surrealism

chủ đề: Beach Women Sports Beaches

ngày: 1922

kích thước: 33 x 41 cm

viện bảo tàng: Musée National Picasso (Paris, France)

The rounded monumental figures of Picasso's f neo-Classical period of the early 1920s sees a return to his 1992 painting Two Women Running on the Beach, with all its traditional religious connotations. Neo-Classicism originally applies to the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century revival of Classical motifs, subjects and decorations, with the inspiration coming from the 1748 excavations of Pompeii and writings of the German archaeologist, Wincklemann. It's a known fact that the women in Picasso's paintings are the women who inhabited his life at various times.

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Pablo Picasso

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