Arshile Gorky - The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts - Artist, Painter  Arshile Gorky

Style: Post-Impressionism;Abstract Expressionism;Cubism

Place: Khorgom

Born: 1904

Death: 1948

Nationality: Turkey


Arshile Gorky ( /ˌɑrʃiːl ˈɡɔrkiː/ born Vosdanig Manoug Atoian (Armenian: Ոստանիկ Մանուկ Ադոեան) (April 15, 1904? – July 21, 1948) was an Armenian American painter, who had a seminal influence on Abstract Expressionism. As such, his works were often speculated to have been informed by the suffering and loss he experienced of the Armenian Genocide. ...