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stilius: Post-Impressionism

Tematika: Colour Woman Sleep Buildings

Data: 1923

Muziejus: Musée National d'Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France)

The Blue Room is a self-portrait of Valadon. She is displayed inclined on a bed surrounded by blue sheets with floral patterns, with two closed books to the side. Valadon herself appears slightly overweight, lounging in what appear to be pajamas with a cigarette in her mouth. Her eyes face away from the viewer, as if lost in thought. Overall, Valadon appears quite at ease, with no sense of imminent danger. Painted in 1923, this was one of Valadon's later paintings in her life.
It higlights a clothed model who smokes cigarettes, reads books and doesn't make her bed. She is voluptuous, peaches and cream, and feminine. At her bare feet lay two books. She is gazing off to the right, avoiding the viewer, as if caught in reverie.

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