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Stijl: Romanticism

Topics: Religious Wood

Tatum: 1810

Tuseum: Alte Nationalgalerie (Berlin, Germany)

The Abbey in the Oakwood is an oil painting by Caspar David Friedrich. It was painted between 1809 and 1810 in Dresden. A procession of monks, some of whom bear a coffin, head toward the gate of a ruined Gothic church in the center of the painting. Only two candles light their way. A newly dug grave yawns out of the snow in the foreground, near which several crosses can be faintly discerned. This lower third of the picture lies in darkness—only the highest part of the ruins and the tips of the leafless oaks are lit by the setting sun. The waxing crescent moon appears in the sky. The paintings hang in the Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin.

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