Tác phẩm nghệ thuật nổi bật

Nghệ sĩ:

Phong cách: Expressionism

chủ đề: Colour Buildings

ngày: 1914

viện bảo tàng: Museum Folkwang (Essen, Germany)

The painting shows the so called “red tower” a freestanding late Gothic bell tower wuth a Gothic brick base, one of the landmarks of the city of Halle. It stands on same square as the Marktkirche (the church to the left in the background) which Feininger chose as a motif in his work. The square is portrayed as such a strongly distorted angle that it seems to have been folded into the picture plane. It is surrounded on all sides by high buildings. Within this setting, the tower combines stability and aggression. In order to underline its monumentality, Kirchner chose a larger scale for the tower than for its surroundings

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