Cornelis Cornelisz Van Haarlem - دایره المعارف هنرهای زیبا - هنرمند، نقاش Cornelis Cornelisz Van Haarlem

سبک: Dutch Golden Age;

محل: Haarlem

بدنیا آمدن: 1562

مرگ: 1638


Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem (1562 – 11 November 1638), Dutch Golden Age painter and draughtsman, was one of the leading Northern Mannerist artists in the Netherlands, and an important forerunner of Frans Hals as a portraitist. Born in Haarlem, Cornelis Corneliszoon was a pupil of Pieter Pietersz in Haarlem, and later Gillis Coignet in Antwerp...

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