Lucian Freud - אנציקלופדיה לאמנויות יפות - אמן, צייר Lucian Freud

סִגְנוֹן: Expressionism; Realism; Surrealism;

מקום: Berlin

נוֹלָד: 1922

מָוֶת: 2011

לאום: Germany


Lucian Michael Freud (/ˈluː.si.ən ˈfrɔɪd/ 8 December 1922 – 20 July 2011) was a British painter and draftsman, specializing in figurative art, and is known as one of the foremost 20th-century British portraitists. He was born in Berlin, the son of a Jewish architect and the grandson of Sigmund Freud. His family moved to Britain in 1933 to escape th...

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