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Style: Cubism

Topic: Portraits Women

Date: 1916

Museum: Museo del Prado (Spain)

It seems that this is based on the physical appearance of Josette, Juan Gris’ partner, who posed to a greater or lesser extent for each work. In Portrait de Madame Josette Gris, Josette is sitting in a chair, in front a section of wall, the lower part of which is wood-panelled. The shadow she casts is used to give the sensation of depth, while her hands lie draped on her knees. Both conceptually and formally, this portrait could easily be the result of a cross between the combined influences of Corot and Cézanne. From Corot, Juan Gris once more takes the pyramidal structure of the composition; he then takes inspiration for the arrangement and pose of the female figure from some of the portraits Cézanne painted of his wife.

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