The seductive – (Rene Magritte) سابق التالى


نمط: Surrealism

المواضيع: Boats Sea

تاريخ: 1953

حجم: 38 x 46 cm

تقنية: Oil

The Seducer is a 1953 painting of Rene Magritte. It was created in Brussels, Belgium on surrealism style to depict Mature Period. The dimension of painting is 38 cm by 46 cm and is based on storyline of marina. The night effect has been prominently featured in this painting by use of dark blue and light blue color. The ocean and wave have created a strong impact in this artwork.
The painting portraits a marina in its story line when mature period has started expanding its presence after the second world war. It displays a ship has been stuck in the sea due to rain and bad weather. Two teenagers in marina are seduced due to weather conditions. The whole scenario of fear and love is depicted in this blue colored painting.



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