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Style: Abstract Expressionism

Topic: Clouds

Date: 1982

Size: 200 x 206 cm

Technique: Oil On Canvas

"Clouds is an example of how Richter frequently alternates between realist and abstract styles in various series of work, as well as on a single canvas. In this instance, even the title bears an ambiguous relation to the entire composition. In the lower region of the canvas, for instance, Richter suggests that the viewer is having a perceptual experience of looking through a window; nevertheless, the bold tracks, scrapes, smudges, and layerings of paint above playfully cancel that optical illusion. Thus Richter is frequently fascinated by how a viewer's desire to extract ""meaning"" from a given work of art often proves utterly futile. He suggests that we might instead relish a simple experience of visual pleasure, or the discovery of ""beauty"" by way of studying abstract forms for their own sake. "



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