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Style: Pop Art

Date: 1998

Size: 207 x 744 cm

Museum: National Gallery of Australia (Canberra, Australia)

Hockney began work on the ''A bigger Grand Canyon'' in February 1998. The painting is a culminating statement about the depiction and experience of space. By using different views taken over a period of time, Hockney refers to Cubism, where a subject is depicted from multiple viewpoints; to Chinese scroll painting, where different time sequences and landscape elements come together to form an apparent whole; and to his own set designs for opera. With its many viewpoints and shifting timeframe, A bigger Grand Canyon suggests what it is like to be in a landscape, to travel around it, to view tiny details as well as dramatic vistas, to see changing light and to trample the earth underfoot. The large format and extravagant colour has also been related to the spectacle of Hollywood and to representations of the sublime.



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