Portrait of Ambroise Vollard – (Pablo Picasso) سابق التالى


نمط: Analytical Cubism

المواضيع: Famous People Portraits Men

تاريخ: 1910

حجم: 92 x 65 cm

متحف: Pushkin State Museum (Moscow, Russia)

تقنية: Oil On Canvas

Portrait of Ambroise Vollard is a colored painting created by Pablo Picasso in 1910. Ambroise Vollard is a French dealer, who is credited to provide exposure and emotional support to unknown artists including Pablo Picasso. The works reflect Analytical Cubism artwork completed by use of oil technique on canvas.
It is a masterpiece gift by Pablo Picasso to his godfather Ambroise Vollard for upraising him during his initial stages. The dimension of painting is 92 cm by 65 cm and is housed at Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow. The painting shows the diversity, recognization power and thought process of Ambroise Vollard through cubical form.
The painting depicts Ambroise Vollard's bald head, multiplying itself up the painting like an egg being broken open, his bulbous nose and the dark triangle of his beard are the first things the eye latches on to. Vollard's eyes is a broken architecture of shards of flesh- or brick-colored painting.



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