Women of Algiers (Version O) – (Pablo Picasso) سابق التالى


نمط: Cubism

المواضيع: Women

تاريخ: 1955

حجم: 114 x 146 cm

تقنية: Oil On Canvas

A nude courtesan stands brazenly before us, her breasts and soft stomach are bare, her hair wrapped in an elaborate headdress. A tangle of limbs, breasts and buttocks fill the rest of the canvas, which measures 57 by 45 inches. Here are women selling their bodies, many of them faceless, reduced to their constituent anatomical parts. Picasso began his Women Of Algiers series Within a month of the Nationalist uprising in Algeria, a French colony, in 1954. It was the beginning of the eight-year Algerian War of Independence. Picasso painted the work as part of a 15-painting series (versions A through O) created in 1954 and 1955, inspired by Eugène Delacroix’s 1834 'Women of Algiers.' May 11, 2015, Christie’s said 'Women of Algiers (Version O)' sold for $179,365,000.



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