Mandola – (Georges Braque) predchádzajúca Ďalší


štýl: Cubism

Témy: Abstracted

Dátum: 1910

Veľkosť: 71 x 56 cm

Múzeum: Tate Gallery (London, United Kingdom)

technika: Oil On Canvas

Mandola (Irish: tenor mandola) is a 1910 oil painting by German artist Georges Braque. Painted in 1910 in France, it is acknowledged as a masterpiece of Georges Braque. The oil on canvas painting is drawn on Analytical Cubism style with still life genre and it measures 72 by 58 centimeters. It is now housed at Tate Gallery, London.
George Braque has interest in collecting musical instruments is reflected in this painting of a small lute called a mandora. Its fragmented style suggests a sense of rhythm and acoustic reverberation that matches the musical subject. Braque explained that he liked to include instruments in his cubist works, ‘in the first place because he was surrounded by them, and secondly because their plasticity, their volumes, related to his particular concept of still life’.


Georges Braque


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